The NooVision Lab is a sustainable laboratory, “office for the future”, art studio, and exhibition space used to channel, research, develop, co-create and publicly demonstrate cutting-edge visionary technologies based on synergistic, cybernetic, holographic, biomimetic and co-creative principles.

NooVision Lab Activation25%

The Lab

The NooVision Lab is directed by Chris Larcombe as the purpose holder of the NooVision holon, an S7 Technology R&D operation.

The space will be used to create highly aesthetic and immersive audio-visual-kinesthetic experiences using multiple networked digital devices and screens, in addition to virtual and augmented reality experiences using VR and AR hardware. There will be an emphasis on creating and embodying a synergy between art, science/technology and spirituality, providing an output of high quality design and innovation that has an artistic as well as practical application and quality.

“The entire lab is like a giant computer.”

AI-facilitated interpersonal computing paradigm (intelligent computing environments utilising novel human-computer interfaces) rather than personal computing paradigm (PCs, laptops, etc. utilising keyboard and mouse).

“It’s beautiful”

Novel, futuristic, cosmic, artistic 3D ‘isomorphic’ Graphical User Interfaces.

Spiritual Artificial Intelligence (AI), “love technology”, i.e., Noola.

Current Focus10%

Holographic/energetic visualisation and sense-making of emerging “new paradigm”.

Mobile, low-power, ecologically friendly hardware, based on dymaxion principles (“doing more with less”).

AI-facilitated holonic programming in VR/AR.


Biomimetic, Computing, Cybernetic, Holonic, Synergistic