Global Spiral Time


The current spiral time on Earth, which is the same everywhere on the planet. There are no timezones.


The Global Spiral Time Clock-Calendar is the first NooVision micro-project to be publicly launched. NooVision projects are exploratory, experimental, artistic, practical and spiritual in nature, and are intended to inspire further works and co-creation. Essentially, NooVision projects are about new ideas, seeing things in a new way, and experimenting to discover what might be possible.

Spiral Time is an experiment based on:

  • The ‘binary hexagram sequence’ underlying Human Design and Gene Keys
  • Vortex Mathematics
  • Solstice and Equinox phenomena (seasonal cycles).

The inspiration and underlying intention for Spiral Time was to create a global clock and calendar system that would not require timezones, that would be regular, harmonic, and based on natural geometry and natural time cycles.

Spiral Time can be used to:

  • coordinate global thought and action without timezones or leap years (it is the same Spiral Time everywhere on the planet)
  • facilitate global synchronicity
  • track position in the year (based on solstices and equinoxes)
  • determine current hexagram/gate (Human Design, Gene Keys)
  • determine current ‘line’ (Human Design, Gene Keys)


Duration (conventional) Conventional Spiral Time Composition
~45.5 days Month “Month” = “8 strongs”
~5.7 days Week “Strong” = “6 lines”
~22.8 hours Day “Line” = “24 hours”
~0.94 hours Hour “Hour” = “60 minutes”
~0.94 minutes Minute “Minute”  N/A

From Days to Lines

In Spiral Time the equivalent of a day is a ‘line’, and each line lasts approximately 23 hours (of conventional time).

Hours and Minutes

Each line is split into exactly 24 hours of 60 minutes each, to create the Spiral Time hours and minutes. There are exactly 24 hours per line, and 60 minutes per hour. This means each hour in Spiral time lasts just under a regular clock hour, which is convenient for mental adaptation to Spiral Time.

From Week to Strong

In Spiral Time the equivalent of a week is called a strong. The name was chosen for the positive effect it has on the human mind-body system. A strong lasts exactly 6 lines and corresponds to a single hexagram. There are exactly 64 hexagram per year (based on the Orbital positions of the planet around the sun, not the rotation of Earth).

Each strong (hexagram) has a specific meaning in relation to human consciousness, which is open to interpretation. Human Design and Gene Keys attribute specific meanings and archetypes to each of the 64 hexagrams. The science behind this is still ‘sketchy’ in my opinion, but I have personally been able to verify and conclude that the association between hexagrams and archetypes, as well as the hexagram sequence in relation to the Orbital cycle of Earth, appears to be non-arbitrary.

Entering the Vortex

Using Spiral Time allows one to experiment with ‘the lines’ and hexagrams in real-time and in ‘narrative time’ (linear, calendar time) and to play and discover whether it is indeed arbitrary or non-arbitrary based on the manifestation of synchronicity.

The novel element of Spiral Time emerged when I attempted to connect the hexagram sequence to the solstice and equinoxes. I performed a mathematical analysis of the binary sequence used in Human Design and Gene Keys, and graphed its structure, as well as aligning the seasonal cycles with the sequence. A pattern emerged, which appeared to resemble Vortex Mathematics (in particular, the geometry of the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, wrapped around a circle).

The number sequence in vortex mathematics is essentially a spiral, a movement from masculine to feminine and back again, via a zero point. This pattern appears to be underlying the hexagram sequence and the solstice-equinox cycles, in particular when these two phenomenon are considered together.

The next thing I did was experiment with creating a calendar structure (counting system of ‘weeks and months’, etc.) that aligned with this ‘discovery’, so that the changing patterns of the hexagram and seasonal cycles could be abstracted or captured in the counting system.

I am now on the 3rd version, and have settled on a structure of 8/8, hence the launch of this version of Spiral Time on 8th of August, 08:08 UTC-0.

There are 8 Spiral Time months per year, each consisting of 8 strongs. The 8 connects directly to the geometry of the vortex numbers (there are 8 vertices), and each month also Simultaneously aligns with an equinox-solstice event: either an equinox, a solstice, or a half-way point between either. When each month changes, so does the hexagram structure (in the sequence) in a meaningful way.

If the hexagram structure and sequence is non-arbitrary, it should therefore be possible to FEEL the Spiral Time month change, within the subjective experience, as the hexagrams essentially represent different (energetic) states of being. This also applies to ‘the lines’.

8 months per year, 8 strongs per month, 6 lines per strong, 24 hours per line, 60 minutes per hour.

Design Considerations

There is a trade-off between total mathematical harmony and adoptability. If a system is too ‘alien’ it cannot be adopted and therefore may be artistic but not useful/practical. NooVision projects are intended to be a balance of both, while still being essentially experiments rather than ‘finished products’, they are seeds.

  • 1 line (about 23 hours) is relatively close to a day (24 conventional hours)
  • 8 is relatively close to 12
  • A strong lasts 5.8 conventional days which is relatively close to 7

Since there are conventionally 4 weeks per month, where as in Spiral Time there are 8 strongs per month, the first half of a month and the second half can be considered as two parts of 4 strongs each (if a 4 week/strong structure is preferred).


Colour of the lines in the design is based on the chakra system. The word-line associations are based on Human Design.

The colour of the hour is more experimental, having no basis in anything apart from my own intuition.

8/8 is a fractal structure (8 strongs within 8 months). It mirrors the chessboard, which is a ‘divine symbol of the game of duality’.

In Spiral Time the game is also trinary, since the gender neutral zero point is explicitly included, as well as the polar extremes of divine masculine and feminine. This is mirrored in both the solstice-equinox patterns and the hexagram sequence dynamics.

The new time has a more sophisticated comprehension of gender, it is harmonic, it is connected to nature and the Cosmic dance of sacred geometry.

More soon!